Review Policy

Last updated: (12/13/2016)

We reserve the right to remove any content that infringes any of the following review content policies:

  • Advertising: Don't use reviews for promotional purposes; for example, including telephone numbers or links to different websites. Reviews are meant to provide your actual experience and impression of a particular place - posting of reviews in a bid to manipulate the ratings of any business is prohibited.
  • Spam: Don't post spam reviews. Only write your actual experience with that specific business. Try not to advertise any commercial/promotional products or services and do not write reviews for the same business using different accounts or submit the same review multiple times.
  • Email addresses, telephone numbers or URLs: in order to avert promotional content and spam reviews, we do not permit the addition of email addresses, telephone numbers, or web links to different sites in reviews.
  • Irrelevant reviews: Don't write reviews pertaining to another person's experience, or that is irrelevant to the particular business you're reviewing. Do not use reviews as a discussion board for social or political editorial or personal outbursts.
  • Keep it clean: the use of offensive, disrespectful or hostile language is prohibited. We'll likewise UN-publish reviews that characterize individual assaults on others.
  • Conflict of interest: Reviews are only helpful when they are truthful and impartial. In the event that you are the owner or employee of a particular business, please don't write reviews on your business or that of your employer. Do not receive gift items, services or monetary offers to post reviews on a particular place or to post a negative review on a rival business.
  • Illegal content: Don't include illicit content or links to prohibited content in your reviews.
  • Copyrighted content: Don't write reviews that violate the rights of other individuals - including copyright.
  • Impersonation: We don't allow the posting of reviews for the benefit of others or posting reviews under false identities or false association with the business you're reviewing.
  • Personal and confidential details: We don't allow the posting of personal and confidential details in reviews, such as government identification number, credit card details, driver's license details, and so on.

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