We established Reviem because we noticed a need that was not being fulfilled. We saw that small businesses that had minimal budgets were struggling to get their business off the ground. This was not due to the lack of a solid business plan or execution. We realized this was because gaining the trust of a new customer is hard. In fact, we looked at the cost of acquiring a new customer for some well-established companies and depending on the industry, the cost ranged from $7 to $315. We know that these figures are from companies with large marketing budgets and established brands that have already garnered trust. We also know that the best way to acquire trust and gain new customers is through online word of mouth, which in today’s digital world are otherwise known as online reviews. And we know that for new and small businesses, the cost of acquiring new customers by gaining reviews using varying marketing methods can be high and prohibitive. That is why we created Reviem.

We offer a streamlined version of review acquisition and management at a fraction of the cost of other marketing tactics and review-capturing competitors. Our process focuses on getting you the right reviews based on your needs and business type. We do not provide generic reviews! In addition, we realize that customer service is critical for a small business. That is why we communicate with customers who leave positive reviews to thank them. We also know that negative reviews can steer potential sales away from your company, which is why we work to resolve negative feedback. By focusing on these basic principles of personalization, communication, and positive resolution, we help your business gain the traction it needs to gain trust and acquire new customers. At Reviem, we are your review management experts, and we are with you through the whole process. As a small business ourselves, we know what it is like to be in your shoes, and we want to walk a mile with you in them so that you can start to run on your own!